Join the Arctic Innovators Program

The Arctic Innovators program is soon to be launched, with the selection of a group of Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) students to become the inaugural Arctic Innovators student cohort. 

Those selected will have a unique opportunity to learn from experts on Arctic issues and in a series of lecture-discussion sessions at HKS and will participate in the Arctic Innovation Lab at the Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland – the world’s largest annual gathering on Arctic affairs. 

HKS students with a background or interest in sustainable development, climate change, energy and natural resource management, international relations, or human rights, and who find the intersection of those issues in the Arctic intriguing, are encouraged to apply.

You can apply to become a member of the Arctic Innovators student cohort by submitting an application. The application deadline is Thursday, September 7th.

The Arctic Innovators program is a part of the Arctic Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School's Environment and Natural Resources Program and Science, Technology, and Public Policy Program. Its goal is to engage more young people in dialogue around sustainable solutions in the fast-changing Arctic region – changes that have implications for environmental, social, and economic systems in the region and around the globe.