Briefing Papers

CAHA produces Briefing Papers to provide an overview of the Alliance’s views on particular topics. These are produced to share with parliamentarians, policymakers,  the media, health care stakeholders and the community.

Briefing Paper No. 1: Climate change is a health issue

Briefing Paper No. 2: A price on carbon is good for health

Briefing Paper No. 3: The carbon price framework

Briefing Paper No. 4: Water for the Murray Darling: Healthy rivers – Healthy People

Briefing Paper for the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties Inquiry into the Paris Agreement - October 2016

Joint Briefing Paper: Health Implications of Energy Policy

This paper was produced to support discussions among health leaders at a Roundtable and Workshop on the health implications of energy policy in February 2013.

Its broader objective is to highlight the risks of current energy policy for human health to policymakers, the media, the health and energy sectors, and the community more broadly, and to encourage health professionals and health organisations to advocate for the implications for health to be recognised and reflected in Australian and international energy policy.

Download the Health Implications of Energy Policy Briefing Paper.